Architectural Lighting

Working closely with architects, designers and engineers to develop feature lighting concepts that enhance a building, structure or space in the most creative way. I-Vision has a wealth of experience and proven success in delivering lighting that is visually stunning and energy efficient. Our lighting disciplines include a wide spectrum, from the hospitality sector including hotels and bars, to historical sites such as castles and museums, to bridges and many more


Clarence Hotel & Dollard House, Dublin

We took the great opportunity of lighting up Dublin’s widely admired hotel and office premises right next to each other, in the thriving riverside district of Temple Bar. Job completed with AVL Ltd.


2700K Warm White

• Softer white light used for a more rustic look
• Narrow beam to direct the light between the windows
• Constant current, High Power Z5 by SSC

Type Z fittings

• 700mA constant current
• MAGIQ driver system
• DALI control system

700mA constant current

• MAGIQ driver system

DALI Control System

Clarence House

4000K Neutral White

• Neutral white for a clean modern look
• ‘Wall wash’ to light up exterior walls
• Constant current, High Power Z5 by Seoul Semiconductor Co
• Type Z fittings

700ma Constant Current

• MAGIQ driver system-digital constant current driver with 3 ports to connect a 48V bus and each type Z luminaire

DALI Control System


Princes Quay Bridge, Hull

Our architectural lighting scheme for the new and impressive footbridge in Hull, improving the pedestrian and cycle connection to the city centre over the heavily trafficked A63 road. Job completed with Lighting Integration Ltd.

Princess Quay

Princes Quay

Lumos RGBW Linear LED
Custom control cabinets with LD4 IP67 4 channel Digital DMX decoders

• Powered from 28 HLG240/30 for 112 control channels

Control is from Hull Smart City Network

• Via a Pharos TPC DMX Controller


Royal Air Force Museum, London

Our feature lighting design and build tailored to further showcase the museums spectacular displays.

Royal Air Force Museum

Lumos 36 profile colour change floods

• Lumos 3535 RGB High power linear with custom optics

Lumos 216 constant current DMX drivers
ESA DMX control with Lumos 8 preset panel


Pont y Ddraig Harbour Bridge, Rhyl

We worked with Lighting Integration Ltd on our custom designed feature lighting for the pedestrian and cycle bridge at Rhyl Harbour.

Pont y Ddraig Harbour Bridge, Rhyl

Gemini 100-RGB CC IP67 luminaire

• Custom designed for the project
• Constant current 5W colour change luminaire

8 off Lumos IP67 driver enclosure with 6*24V/700mA constant current DMX drivers

• Located inside the bridge powered from 24V feed in the caisson each side

ESA 512 DMX control system with Lumos 8/24 preset panel

• Located in the harbour master’s office with wireless DMX control to trans receiver on top of the caisson


NLA Tower, Croydon

Our lively and colourful lighting scheme for a tower well known as the 50p Building, illuminating 32 balconies with our low-cost energy efficient lighting, achieving zero light pollution and aiding attraction of new clients and commerce to the growing town of Croydon.

NLA Tower, Croydon

Lumos Linear 3535 

• With RGBW high performance LED’s with 80 deg optics

LED Drivers Lumos 216 constant current drivers

• Located in the building riser

Pharos Control System


Taylor Institution, Oxford University 

Our very own light fitting for the library’s existing gothic lanterns.

Taylor Institution, Oxford Library

300k custom LED module

• To replace the conventional lighting units inside these exquisite gothic lanterns

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